Pricing & Payments

Pricing and availability of the materials described at this Site are subject to change at anytime without notice. Pricing shown is only available on purchases made through Thinqk Pump Parts BV. We offer you consistently low prices on every item in our store. All prices are listed in Euro's or U.S. dollars. (At customer's selection). Thinqk Pump Parts BV uses $0.01/€0.01 prices on their website to indicate parts as non-standard stock items. Actual pricing for these parts will be quoted on request.

If you are a distributor or reseller you may be eligible for special discount. Please use the "LOGIN" button on our home page and register to get your personal discount.

All quoted prices are valid for a 30 day period from the date of that quotation unless agreed to in writing stating otherwise.

Thinqk Pump Parts BV accepts bank transfers, checks and credit card payments. By offering bank transfers as a method of payment in our webshop, we will reach a group of consumers who are more comfortable making their payments manually. Our customers prefer this since they do not have access to online banking, or because they do not feel safe disclosing their bank details online. In addition, this method allows customers to determine when they execute the payment. For some people, this is a reassuring thought. Not only is this traditional method of payment used in The Netherlands, the bank transfer is also a commonly used payment method internationally when it comes to paying for online products and services.

Please reference your weborder number with your payment.
Allow 1-3 business days for the processing of your wire transfer.

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