With know-how, creativity, and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, Thinqk's Diaphragm Pump Parts:


Our team’s know-how is Thinqk’s principal strength. Our manufacturing plants in the US and Europe operate top-of-the-line equipment with precision, delivering highest quality to meet  industry standards.

Drive and Creativity

The search for perfection is an integral part of our corporate culture. It drives our daily work, spurs our creativity, and guides our business relationship with you. Perfection is our key motivation because it is your key source of satisfaction. We put all our skills into developing a solution that perfectly meets your needs.


Our focus is on Repair Parts/Replacement Parts for Aro®, Blagdon®, Comexi®, Depa®, Flux®, Graco®, Sandpiper®, Tapflo®, Versa-Matic®, VerderAir®, W&H® and Yamada® Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AODDP) with the emphasis on wear parts such as: diaphragms, seats, balls, pistons, gaskets, air valves, O-rings, hardware, clamp-bands, shafts, mufflers and repair kits.

Allgemeine Information

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